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I get excited when i think about where I want to be in just over a year. I hope to have just had my 21st and be heading on my flight to Perth for good, to be with my dad and my new found family, to begin studying nursing, to begins my life. Right now time is ticking, days are passing but I’m not moving. I’m working to pay the bills, I’m doing things that keep me smiling but when it comes down to it. I’m just waiting, waiting to begin my adventure. I don’t know if my love will follow me on my adventure and i think deep down I know he won’t. But how can I tell. That is a year away, if we are still together our love will of grown so much stronger. And if we aren’t together, well then that’s that. I don’t think into it though as it’s not a worry yet. But whenever I speak to my dad about this move I grow ever so excited! It irritates me I’m still not there yet. But a year isn’t long really. Not when I’m waiting for the beginning of fulfilled happiness.

My man

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Money makes me stressed out as fuck! Like why can’t it just grow on trees. Would make me a happy girl.

Smoothie goodness.
Me and my boy
When I went to Macklemore ❤️

I don’t know what I want anymore.